Our walk through John started a few weeks ago. A recent lesson was the “Woman caught in Adultery” How after she was brought to Jesus He stooped down and wrote something on the ground ,,,,, Then He said to the crowd whoever is without sin throw the first stone. The crowd were convicted by what He had said and departed one by one leaving the woman and Jesus alone. He told her to sin no more. Also telling her that He was the light of the world,, that is what we ALL need to be,, don’t we.!!!
For the craft the boys wrote with liquid glue on paper “thank you God” in Fulani then soil/sand was put on top and the surplus shaken off. This was to be the same idea as Jesus writing on the ground. It looked good.
Then in the evening the Jesus film was shown for them,, what a great evening that was listening to the boys clapping with such vigor after each miracle.
Again the boys have given out stools (15) and 200 comics,, its such fun as we go along singing,, knowing the life style these boys have come from ,, and the joy within them now “Praise the Lord”. During the walk three ladies received Jesus into their lives.
Saturday’s lesson was Jesus healing the eyes of the man who had been blind since birth. How Jesus mixed His saliva with mud and put it on the mans eyes,, Jesus then told the man to go and wash in the pool ,, his sight returned after washing. It was explained during the lesson that Jesus is the light of the world,, as Christians we should be shinning daily ever brighter. !!!!!


Abbey with Mousa and Amadou yoghurt and cakes with gifts tomb craft watching and listening craft for Easter three stools Joy of carpentry 

Last week was Easter the lesson was “Jesus’ Death on the Cross”   it was drawn with coloured chalks so the boys could follow along in their minds as the story unfolded.  It is also translated into their Language so its easy for them to keep up with it at all times.

The craft was to make a tape cross on white paper and then paint everything (yes this was the messy time!!!!).  but with our Burkina sun everything dries fast !!  The tape was then removed and a great white cross was left on the paper. After this Jesus died on the cross.

Then later when the boys had eaten they each received Yoghurt and cakes,, food is always a good gift for these boys.

Church was SO good there was such an atmosphere of joy it seemed to be radiating everywhere. !!!

Carpentry is going well we have been making some bigger stools to sell.

The boys have also received tooth brushes and tooth paste.

The organized game was team tyres  ,,,, great game for cheating in !!!!

This week followed on with Jesus’ resurrection how on arriving at the tomb they found the stone rolled away and Jesus gone.  (Where was He?)  Then the disciples saw two angels and this frightened them greatly.  Jesus later appeared to the disciples while they were inside praying with the door locked,,,  again they were frightened ,,, ( how did He get in?)  On seeing Him they were not sure that it was Him so He said to them ,,  look at my hands and feet ,,  this enabled them to see the nail marks and His wounds. Then the disciples and Jesus went outside and each of them saw Him raise His hands and be carried up to heaven.  ,,   one of our boys said he would have caught hold of Jesus foot and gone up with Him. !!!